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Our Mission

We create the best route to resilient, connected and circular supply chains to reduce industrial waste and emissions. 

Our Story

Climate change and resource scarcity puts supply chains and manufacturing processes at risk. In 2021, environmental risks led to $120 billion dollar costs in company supply chains. $9.4 trillion were wasted because of industrial waste. In addition, approximately 20-30% of companies stock is excess or obsolete.


Manufacturers however lack critical resources and parts. Given our roots in the manufacturing industry and on-the ground research we realised that the power of collaboration within trusted manufacturing networks can give access to unprecedented resources and supply lines by sharing and reusing resources as well as products while at the same time reducing waste. 

Our founder Helena has been developing service-oriented, digital business models in the manufacturing industry for years. As early as 2015, Helena introduced business models such as remanufacturing, repair and reuse, which contribute to a circular economy. Right from the start, she worked in a spirit of partnership and trust with decision-makers at the highest management levels. ​Helena holds a B.Sc. in Business Information technology and a MBA from Mannheim Business School.

Our co-founder Ian is the visionary and analyst who  rethinks business models with integrated circularity indicators.  Ian has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, controlling, international business and economics as well as corporate social responsibility. He has been analyzing business models and investments within manufacturing industry for many years. Ian holds a B.A. in International Business, Finance & Accounting and a M.A. International Business & Foreign Trade.

Our Team

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