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Resourcly: A Proud Recipient of BW Pre-Seed Funding Supported by Baden-Württemberg

Updated: Apr 22

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Resourcly GmbH has been chosen as one of the ten successful participants in the current BW Pre-Seed funding program, generously supported by the Ministry of Economy, Labor, and Tourism of Baden-Württemberg! 🏆

At Resourcly, our mission is to facilitate manufacturers in the data-driven reuse of industrial waste from surpluses and overproductions, contributing to the establishment of circular supply chains. This approach not only enhances net working capital and cash flow within companies but also plays a pivotal role in waste reduction, extending product lifecycles, and fostering supply chain stability.

💡 Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut highlights the significance of Baden-Württemberg's startups, noting, "Each individual company represents our sustainable economy, embodying clever business ideas and entrepreneurial courage."

🌱 Edith Weymayr, CEO of L-Bank, underscores the relevance of "climate protection and sustainability," recognizing them as key themes shaping our future.

🙏 We extend heartfelt thanks to the City of Mannheim Economic Development and L-Bank, the State Bank for Baden-Württemberg, for their trust and tremendous support on our journey!

Together, we are actively shaping the future! 🌍💡🦾

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