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Resourcly Selected by Techstars to Revolutionize Industry with Circular Economy Innovation

After years of dedication and discussions surrounding resource scarcity and unutilized inventory waste, Resourcly GmbH is proud to announce that it has been selected as one out of 5000 applications by Techstars, a worldclass startup accelerator, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Resourcly's Innovative Approach:

At the heart of Resourcly GmbH's mission is the development of a cutting-edge software platform to prevent waste. This platform securely and transparently connects manufacturers and their partners, leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to facilitate the sharing and reuse of unutilized industrial inventory. This groundbreaking approach aims to map circular supply chains, contributing to reduced industrial waste, extended product life cycles, and stabilized supply chains.

Impactful Achievements:

Resourcly GmbH's commitment to innovation has quickly gained recognition, with notable achievements including:

  • 🌟 Techstars Berlin: Selected from a competitive pool of 5000 applicants, Resourcly GmbH is now a part of Techstars Berlin, positioning itself to accelerate its startup and business model.

  • 🌟 EIT Rocket Up Program: Recognized as one of only 10 startups by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Resourcly GmbH is part of the EIT Rocket Up program, supported by EIT Manufacturing. This prestigious association positions Resourcly at the forefront of innovation in Europe.

  • 🌟 Strategic Partnerships: Resourcly GmbH is actively collaborating with leading manufacturers to develop solutions that create joint value. This hands-on approach ensures the practicality and effectiveness of its innovative platform.

Join the Resourcly Journey:

This is an exciting moment for Resourcly GmbH, and the company invites you to be a part of this revolutionary journey. Follow Resourcly for regular updates, insights, and challenges faced along the way as it strives to bring about a waste-free future.

Stay Connected and Get Involved:

  • 📈 Follow us on LinkedIn:

  • 🤝 Reach out to us to learn more about our innovative solution and its potential benefits for your organization.

  • 🌐 Join our waiting list to be among the first to experience Resourcly: Resourcly Waiting List

Together, let's pave the way for a sustainable and waste-free industrial landscape! 🙏♻️

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