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Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Robert Habeck visits Resourcly at Hannover Messe

Hanover/ Mannheim. Young entrepreneur Helena Most (CEO) and Ian Draxten (COO) see the fact that Economics Minister Dr. Robert Habeck visited their start-up as a special honor. The two founders of the Industrial ClimateTech start-up Resourcly GmbH presented their vision of a networked, intelligent shared inventory for mapping circular supply networks: a circular solution that revolutionizes the supply industry and promises profitability from day one.

Resourcly transforms traditional supply chains in the manufacturing industry into digital value networks with connected community inventory. Advanced data analytics and GenAI can identify opportunities to use unused inventory from one manufacturer as resources from another. This opens up completely new, unprecedented sourcing sources.

This not only increases the resilience of supply chains, but also improves working capital and reduces costs. “Unused stock is no longer written off and scrapped, but can be used as a resource for others in a profitable, cost-efficient and emission-reducing way. A win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Helena Most.

The young company is at the Hannover Messe for the first time to benefit from the networking opportunities with potential customers who use the AI solution developed by Resourcly to automatically process inventory data, enrich it with technical specifications and find precise matches for reuse. Based on product characteristics, Resourcly generates specific recommendations for reducing excess stock, suggestions for alternative substitution materials and recommendations for the efficient reuse of industrial components. This enables manufacturers to improve their resource efficiency, reduce Scope 3 emissions and stabilize supply chains, leading to more sustainable and profitable operations.

The fact that Resourcly is the only startup to be invited to the platform's Industry Leader Talk shows that the topic is a top priority for the industry. The keynote speech by founder Helena Most on the Industrial Startup Stage also underlines the relevance of the topic.

“At a time when sustainability is not only desirable but necessary, Resourcly offers a pioneering solution that combines the circular economy with economic efficiency. This is what also inspires our customers,“ says Helena Most.”

Federal Minister Habeck took 10 minutes to find out more about the start-up, the AI solution and the reuse of complex industrial components.

Resourcly sets new standards in the circular economy for manufacturing companies and shows how technological innovations can help to overcome both ecological and economic challenges.

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