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Siemens 5SJ42107HG41 5SJ4210-7HG41 Circuit breaker


Circuit breaker 240V 14kA, 2-pole, C, 10A, T=70mm according to UL 489 The circuit breaker is the circuit breaker for short-circuit protection. The miniature circuit breakers from Siemens as an important part of the SENTRON protection components for the electrical installation offer effective personal and system protection through safe shutdown in the event of an overload or short circuit. Convenient assembly and connection technology, uniform additional components and a consistent design - these are the hallmarks of the device family. Whether for infrastructure or for industrial requirements, Siemens offers miniature circuit breakers for all applications and every area of ​​use. The Siemens miniature circuit breakers are primarily characterized by: 1. Effective personal, investment and system protection against overload and short circuits. 2. Uniform accessories in a wider variety, easy to assemble and exchangeable at any time. 3. Reliable safety during installation thanks to the grip and touch protection included as standard. 4. Clearly visible switch position indicator. 5. Data matrix code on the front of the device provides all information about the miniature circuit breaker quickly and easily. 6. Standard-compliant protection with worldwide approvals. &DPMD_ACC602_001_000_5SJ4_HG&



Siemens 5SJ42107HG41 5SJ4210-7HG41 Circuit breaker

140,00 €Price
  • SIEMENS Circuit Breaker 240V 14kA, 2-polig, C, 10A, T=70mm, nach UL 489

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