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The future of manufacturing is circular

Our Solution...

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Sophisticated circular manufacturing network with privacy layers

A sophisticated privacy control layer is build directly in the core platform to determine which businesses can view and/or purchase unutilized inventory, repaired, refurbed or remanufactured products from other organisations.

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A B2B circular marketplace with reverse logistics integration

An e-commerce system with logistics integration to help businesses send and receive parts within organisations and across. With our unique quality-orientation we focus on increasing product lifetime and circling back resources to make the circular experience worthwile. 

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A central sustainable inventory sharing solution 

A central inventory solution to manage inventory of unutilized, repaired, refurbed and remanufactured stock across multiple warehouses owned by businesses. The byproduct of this central system produces a master database of all products, their attributes, description and pictures for all participants of the network which is the base for data-driven services.

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We empower independent manufacturers and customers to share and reuse resources. By bringing together manufacturers, suppliers and customers from around the world to share resources with each other, we strive to democratize and transform sourcing for businesses everywhere. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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