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AI-Based Shared Inventory for Manufacturers Worldwide

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Stabilize Supply Chains - Improve working capital - Prevent waste 

Accelerating the shift to a
circular economy with
 inter-industry collaboration

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With Resourcly we are on a mission to build the global #1 shared inventory for circular supply chains.

One manufacturers unutilized inventory is another one's resource.

Get rid of what you don't need.

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Share unutilized inventory within your own company, trusted partners or our secure network to increase resource utilization, improve working capital and increase cash flow.

Find what you need.

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Resourcly connects industrial partners across the value chain to find compliant, low carbon footprint inventory.


Minimize down times.

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Access unprecedented supply lines from trusted partners via our industrial  inventory sharing platform.

Decrease capital expenses

Measure Impact.

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Measure your impact in terms of waste saved, resources reused and emissions saved. 

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Save Time

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Save time: Our platform does the search for your perfect match based on AI creating digitally intelligent information from unstructured data.

Save time and resources

We create the best route to resilient, connected and circular supply chains

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Resilient Supply Chains

Resource scarcity and geopolitical tensions and escalating industrial waste challenge the resilience of supply chains. As obsolete and excess inventories grow, so does the need for robust, sustainable solutions.

Leveraging new Technologies

Recent breakthroughs in generative AI enable us to efficiently screen gigantic product inventories. Combined with our expertise in knowledge graphs and pattern analysis, we can match the demand of our customers with the excess resources of others.


Our Team's Expertise

Our skilled team merges extensive experience in logistics and manufacturing with technological proficiency.

In close alignment with our customers' needs, we want to drive their shift towards a circular economy, ensuring profitability, sustainability and resilience in their operations.

Our driving force: Help our customers
make profit, not waste

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“Resourcly ist unsere Vision eines zukunftsfähigen, KI-gestützten Gemeinschaftsinventars. Es wird den Einkauf im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau durch intelligente, datengestützte Entscheidungsprozesse revolutionieren. "

Matthias Schlotter, Leiter Einkauf Schwäbische

Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co KG

Are You Ready to Circulate Your Business?

Sounds interesting? Contact us and let us help you establish your holistic solution to master the  circular transformation in your industry. 

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