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The best route to 
Circular Supply Chains 

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Stabilize Supply Chains - Improve working capital - Save cost 

Accelerating the transition to a
circular economy with 
industrial symbiosis.

Stabilize supply chains

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Our solution connects industrial partners along the supply chain transparently to reuse industrial inventory. One organisations unutilized inventory is another one's source.

Industrial Symbiosis

With Resourcly we are on a mission to create the best route to circular supply chains for manufacturers. Resourcly combines a B2B industrial inventory reuse platform with privacy layers connecting manufacturers and their partners to share, reuse and circle back industrial inventory.

Save Money

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Monetize unutilized inventory. Reduce inventory cost, improve working capital and increase cash flow.

Decrease capital expenses

Save Waste

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Measure and visualize your impact by saving waste and therefore emissions

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Reuse Resources

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Share and reuse inventory within your own company, trusted partners or our secure network to increase resource availability and efficiency.


Save Time

Save time in your purchasing department: Our platform does the search for your perfect reuse match.

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Save time and resources

We create the best route to resilient, connected and circular supply chains

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Resource scarcity puts supply chains and manufacturing processes at risk. At the same time industrial waste due to obsolete and excess inventory as well as overproduction is increasing. Based on our roots in the manufacturing industry, 15 years of industry experience and on-the ground research we realised that the power of technology and collaboration can give access to unprecedented resources and supply lines while at the same time reducing waste. 

Our team combines over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with technological excellence, which allows us be close to our customers needs, serve them and support their transition towards a circular economy.


Are You Ready to Circulate Your Business?

Sounds interesting? Contact us and let us help you establish your holistic solution to master the  circular transformation in your industry. 

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